The Mission

Our mission is to inspire positive change by celebrating innovations in Science, Business, Entertainment, Sustainability, and STEM.

How do we do that?

We build lasting partnerships with innovative brands to bring our audience value and help build our partners’ businesses in the process.


The public on the world’s most important issues.


New generations of innovators and doers.


The conversation on important topics.


How people view the world and use technology.

The Strategy

Innovation & Tech Today is a global leader of a new publishing model we call “New Print” – a strategy that GfK Research found has a 120% ROI.

Leveraging ultra-premium print quality ($9.99 per issue), a multi-channel digital distribution strategy, and our growing list of global event partners, we ensure our award-winning content and our advertising partners get in front of the largest possible audience.

A few highlights include:

  • 75,000 print impressions per quarter
  • 4:1 pass along readership (our magazine doesn’t get thrown away)
  • 300,000 digital impressions per quarter
  • National newsstand distribution
  • Affiliate distribution via Sustainable Brands, Green Festivals, Green Sports Alliance, etc.
  • Onsite distribution at major tech events (CES, CEDIA, USASEF)

Distribution and Press Partners

National Retail Outlets

Digital Delivery Platforms

Major Event Media Partnerships

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Awards & Recognition

Innovation & Tech Today is an official media partner of organizations around the world, including CES, CEDIA, USASEF, Greenbuild, and more. Our award-winning editorial and strategy has earned us national recognition from industry leaders and high-profile thought leaders alike.

Our editorial team includes veteran, award-winning business, technology and communications journalists, industry experts on top of emerging technologies, and fresh young voices obsessed with tech. Multiple award winners include Automotive Editor Michael Coates, Gaming & Entertainment Editor John Gaudiosi, and Founding Editor and Senior Writer, Robert Yehling.

But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Inside Innovation & Tech Today

Our Magazine

Innovation & Tech Today blends the high-profile stories and cutting-edge tech consumers want with the news and innovative profiles businesses need. The recurring sections include:

  • Hottest Innovations
  • Tech Trends
  • Innovative Profiles
  • Product Showcases
  • STEM
  • Sustainability
  • Women in Tech
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Tech Zone
  • Outdoor Tech
  • Connected Home & Car
  • Health Tech

Our Audience By the Numbers

We are a B2B and high-end B2C publication for tech enthusiasts, backyard scientists, entertainment lovers, and businesses wanting to stay relevant.

Our readers are educated, have disposable income, and care about sustainability, STEM, women in tech, and other important issues of our day.

Average Household Income

Avg Household Income

I&T Today Reader Age Ranges


I&T Today Demographic Breaks

  • Male
  • Female

Audience Alignments

Our audience cares about the environment, education, science communication, and discernible facts. They’re looking for great stories and brands that stand for something bigger than their bottom lines.

We actively support and partner with organizations making a difference, such as USASEF, Greenbuild, Sustainable Brands, and others, which allows our advertising partners to support these causes too.

Editorial Calendar Themes

Fall 2019

Home Automation & Entertainment

  • Smart Building with Greenbuild
  • Smart Apartment Innovations
  • STEM Education
  • Tech Zone: Arizona
  • Sustainability Leaders: Brands for Good

Estimated Closing Date: August 9, 2019

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Winter 2019

Year-End Issue 

  • 5 Year Anniversary – The Best of the I&T Interviews
  • CES Spotlight
  • Connected Car and EV
  • Tech Zone: Illinois
  • International Tech Zone: Mexico
  • Top 50 Most Innovative Products of 2019

Estimated Closing Date: November 1, 2019

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Spring 2020

Sustainability & Smart Car Tech

  • Smart Cities IoT
  • Sustainability
  • Innovations in Blockchain
  • Economic Development Best
    of the Tech Zones
  • STEM Spectacular with USASEF

Estimated Closing Date: February 1, 2020

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Summer 2020

Sports, Outdoor, and Med Tech

  • Sports & Outdoor Tech
  • Medical Tech & Digital Health
  • E3 Gaming & Entertainment
  • Tech Zone: Pennsylvania
  • Product Revolution

Estimated Closing Date: May 1, 2020

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Co-Branded Digital Magazines

Produced in partnership with the USA Science & Engineering Festival

Innovation & Tech Today is a proud media partner of the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Committed to celebrating innovation and investing in our future, the USA Science & Engineering Festival perfectly complements the mission of I&T Today. In addition to covering the festival in Washington D.C. in 2018, we’re increasing STEM coverage in our new extended Education section. This section is repurposed for the USA Science & Engineering to be distributed to their email subscribers. You get the culture you celebrate, so celebrate STEM!

Produced in partnership with Sustainable Brands

As a proud media partner of Sustainable Brands, I&T Today is committed to discussing key issues in both corporate and personal sustainability including water use, food waste, electricity and fossil fuels, transportation, sustainability communications, green tech and initiatives, the intersection of business and sustainability, and more. Discussion and celebration of the strides made in sustainability are pivotal during this time in our country and planet’s history!